Kumawood Mourns: Louisa Adinkra’s Mother’s Funeral Sees Emotional Goodbyes”

Kumawood actress Louisa Adinkra’s mother’s funeral was held in Dormaa, attracting a multitude of industry colleagues. Notable attendees included Dr Likee, Shifo, Wassa Broni, Awoa Yaa, Atadwe, Papa Kumasi, 39/40, and many more. The somber occasion saw the stars pay their respects and offer support to Louisa and her family. The funeral was a testament […]

I Nearly Snatched My Sister’s Boyfriend – Actress Louisa

Louisa Adinkra is one of the few beautiful ladies in kumawood who recently enstooled as a queen mother in Bono Ahafo region. In her recent interview with Fresh Boy Papa J on Poleeno Multimedia YouTube channel reveals how she nearly snatch her sister’s boyfriend on set. Her boyfriend came right after playing a role snatching […]