Kumawood Mourns: Louisa Adinkra’s Mother’s Funeral Sees Emotional Goodbyes”

Kumawood actress Louisa Adinkra’s mother’s funeral was held in Dormaa, attracting a multitude of industry colleagues. Notable attendees included Dr Likee, Shifo, Wassa Broni, Awoa Yaa, Atadwe, Papa Kumasi, 39/40, and many more. The somber occasion saw the stars pay their respects and offer support to Louisa and her family. The funeral was a testament […]

I Am Not Dating Kumawood Actress Spendylove – KyekyeKu finally speaks

In a recent interview with Fresh Boy Papa J on Poleeno Multimedia, KyekyeKu, the talented actor and comedian, cleared the air about his rumored relationship with Kumawood actress Spendylove. Contrary to popular belief, KyekyeKu revealed that he is not dating Spendylove. He emphasized that their connection is solely based on their work in the entertainment […]

I Nearly Snatched My Sister’s Boyfriend – Actress Louisa

Louisa Adinkra is one of the few beautiful ladies in kumawood who recently enstooled as a queen mother in Bono Ahafo region. In her recent interview with Fresh Boy Papa J on Poleeno Multimedia YouTube channel reveals how she nearly snatch her sister’s boyfriend on set. Her boyfriend came right after playing a role snatching […]