Shifo’s Rise to Fame! Actor Credits Kumawood for Buying His First House, Car, and Traveling Abroad

In a recent interview with Fresh Boy Papa J on Poleeno Multimedia, popular Kumawood actor Shifo opened up about the impact of his career on his life.

Shifo, a close friend of Dr. Likee, expressed his gratitude for the opportunities that acting has brought his way.

He revealed that his success in the movie industry has enabled him to purchase a house, acquire a car, and travel abroad. Shifo attributed his achievements to hard work and dedication, stating that “movie has changed my life for good”.

He also praised his friend Dr. Likee for his support and encouragement, saying “he has been a great inspiration to me”.

Shifo’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of the entertainment industry, and his humility and appreciation for his blessings are an inspiration to many.

click on the link below to watch the full video on Poleeno Multimedia YouTube channel

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