LISTEN: Paappa Yawson Ft Obaapa Christy, Mark Anim And Ampong On A New Song

Ghanaian gospel musician based in USA PAAPPA Yawson has recently released his new EP titled ‘One Day’, featuring acclaimed gospel artists Obaapa Christy, Ampong and Mark Anim on one of the songs called “Mmobroni dua”.

Known for his soulful and uplifting music, PAAPPA Yawson has been making waves in the gospel music industry, both in Ghana and in the United States. His unique blend of traditional Ghanaian rhythms and contemporary gospel sounds have garnered him a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim.

The EP ‘One Day’ showcases PAAPPA Yawson’s versatile musicality and heartfelt lyrics. The song “Mmobroni dua” is a standout track on the EP, featuring the melodious vocals of Obaapa Christy, Ampong and the powerful presence of Mark Anim. The song is a beautiful blend of soul-stirring harmonies and energetic rhythms that will uplift listeners and leave them feeling inspired.

“Mmobroni dua” is a song filled with hope and encouragement, reminding listeners that there is light at the end of every tunnel and that their breakthrough is just around the corner. PAAPPA Yawson’s emotionally charged vocals, combined with Obaapa Christy’s angelic voice, and Mark Anim’s dynamic delivery, create a captivating musical experience that will resonate with listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

The EP ‘One Day’ as a whole is a testament to PAAPPA Yawson’s talent and passion for spreading the message of love, faith, and hope through his music. Each song on the EP carries a unique message and showcases PAAPPA Yawson’s ability to craft beautiful melodies and lyrics that touch the hearts of his audience.

PAAPPA Yawson’s new EP ‘One Day’ is a musical masterpiece that showcases his talent and passion for gospel music. The inclusion of Obaapa Christy, Ampong and Mark Anim on the song “Mmobroni dua” adds an extra layer of beauty and depth to the EP. This release is undoubtedly going to be cherished by gospel music lovers and will further cement PAAPPA Yawson’s status as a leading figure in the genre.

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