New Youtube Film Directors Are Lazy – Kumawood Actor Sunsum

Sunsum, a renowned actor in Kumawood, has expressed his thoughts on how the old Kumawood directors played a vital role in making Agya Koo, Lilwin, and Kwaku Manu popular in Ghana. According to him, these directors were dedicated and hardworking, going the extra mile to ensure the success of their movies. Their creativity and innovative storytelling captivated audiences,making these actors household names.

However, Sunsum believes that the new directors in the industry lack the same drive and passion. He accuses them of being lazy and not putting in the necessary effort to produce quality films. Sunsum believes that this attitude is detrimental to the growth and sustainability of Kumawood.

Sunsum speaking on Poleeno Multimedia, expressing his disappointment in the work ethic of new directors. He believes that the industry needs fresh and motivated directors who are willing to push boundaries and bring new ideas to the table.

Sunsum’s criticism highlights the importance of dedicated directors in elevating the success and popularity of Kumawood actors. It is his hope that the industry can find motivated individuals who will continue to propel Ghana’s film industry forward.

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