Video – Mcbrown is a legend & Kumawood is coming back in grand style!!! – Vivian Jill Lawrence

Your avenue of absolute entertainment, poleeno multimedia could not let the weekend pass without an exclusive interview with one of the most prominent figures in the movie industry. Actress and activist Vivian Jill Lawrence, happened to be on the radar this time, interviewed by Nana Asare 500 on Poleeno multimedia.

During the interview, Vivian Jill shared some few challenges she faced in the industry, especially being a parent and an actor simultaneously and other ups and downs in the industry. Later in the interview, Vivian made a comment that the acting business has of late been slow and clumsy, but she believes through the effort of everyone in the industry, Kumawood shall revive.

…you can see the business has been on the low these days… it’s still going to get back and running because producers, directors and we the actors/actresses have rectified our mistakes… we are doing some underground work and Kumawood will rejuvenate in a grand style… – Vivian Jill assured.

Vivian Jill Lawrence, at the verge of  ending the interview with poleeno multimedia, shared  with the public who she looked up to when she entered the movie industry. According to her, Nana Ama Mcbrown has always been her role model and watching Nana Ama’s movies back in the days gave her the zeal to also take up the cause of acting.

…i wasn’t in Ghana when i first watched Kumawood  and i always watched Nana Ama’s movies, even up to date… She’s a legend… I just love everything she does… – Vivian Jill commended Nana Ama Mcbrown.


Watch full video below:

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