5 tips for building a perfect relationship

The dream of every young man and woman now is to have a perfect relationship devoid of issues and problems. it is one thing that people can go every length to make it happen for them. There are some ladies and gents who would wish for a romantic and committed partner, others would also wish for a caring and kind partners, others also specific attitudes that look out for in a relationship.

Inspite of this aspirations, there are certain things that people in a relationship might not be doing right that is why they keep seeing problems and issues repeatedly. Here are some  few tips that you can learn to get your relationship healthy and perfect as you dream of.

Enter into a relationship  with a whole heart and mind

Never make your relationship a part time job or go into a relationship with a partial heart and mind. Go into a relationship with your everything. People are scared to go into a relationship with their all because of previous encounters. these things scares us leaving a scar on our mind. But there is no relationship that  can survive when one partner is scared to love with his or her all. with this one tip to make relationship survive the test of time is to love with all your heart and mind.

Learn from each other

A relation can blossom when both partners love to respect each other and have an open mind to learn things from one another. In everyday of your relationship you should always learn something new about your partner. everything your partner does should not surprise you but should be a lesson to you. Make relationship your school and you will graduate successfully.

Analyze your fights

When there is love, there has to be small fights. It is natural. You cannot avoid little arguments which can creep up due to several reasons. But, after a fight you need to sit down and analyze the situation, the cause and the solution for the fight. This will help you avoid future fights.


Share your time talking with each other

Talking is the best medicine to keep a relation alive. When you communicate with an open mind and heart, you build trust in your partner, and your relation. But when you avoid talks and keep yourself busy, you will see the change in the air, the love and your relation. So, talk and build your relation stronger.



Learn to let go

Never hold back things in your heart and mind. Learn to let go small issues and mistakes. We are human and prone to make mistakes. Let go, and see how you can build your relation stronger.

These are some of the few tips that can keep your relationship strong as the day goes by.

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2 thoughts on “5 tips for building a perfect relationship


    (November 11, 2018 - 12:49 pm)

    Am surprised you didn’t mention sex


      (November 11, 2018 - 2:30 pm)

      Thanks Boss..sex is one major ingredient in a perfect relationship.
      But sex doesnot guarantee a perfect relationship.
      when you practise all of these tips, sex will surely be a bonus.
      when you are in a good relationship,’Good sex’ becomes part of it naturally.

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