Video: Praye has now come to stay and there won’t be any split again – Choirmaster

Real name, Eugene Baah but popularly known as Choirmaster of Praye fame was on enterchat, your most reliable entertainment hub on Youtube.

He was featured to talk about life and entertainment as a whole. When host Fresh Boy Papa J asked him about his boyhood group”Praye”, it’s controversies and his comeback, he said that the group was doing well and they are now back stronger than ever.

When host posed a question about the main reason for the split, he said it was not a serious issue but since it was a group they were likely to encounter such issue.

He said,

” since we are a group, sometimes we will disagree on issues but now we are together and doing better”.

He later stressed on the fact that, they have now agreed to go “solo” anytime they want to. When asked about the importance of that decision, he said that the main reason is that it will help create variety in their music.

He concluded that, Praye has now come to stay and that there won’t be any split whatsoever again.

Watch full interview here


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